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We live in a day which there are encouraging indications that God is creating hunger for and a commitment to thorough Biblical reformation in many of His people.  Churches are being raised up, both in our country and abroad, in which Biblical views of preaching, worship, evangelism and responsible churchmanship are clearly manifested.  For these things we ought to be deeply grateful.

However, if these tangible indications of a return to Biblical perspectives and practices are not wedded to an equally demonstrable reformation concerning intercessory prayer as a ministerial task and privilege, them much of what has been gained will become abortive.

In addressing this crucial subject, Mr. Bradford sets forth a convincing Biblical case for the duty of ministerial intercession, using precepts and precedents of Scripture as his foundation.  What he establishes from Scripture he then amply illustrates from the pen of eminent servants of God in past generations.  Unless a man's heart is unmoved by the weight of Scripture and unless it is insensitive to the words of men who were burning and shining lights in their generation, one cannot but be moved to conviction, repentance and reformation by the prayerful reading of this brief treatise.  -From the Foreword